Teeth Whitening Glasgow: Advanced Dentistry At Your Doorsteps

Are you unhappy with the way your teeth look now? Are they yellowish, discoloured and dull? Do you feel ashamed to smile in front of your loved ones,or friends, and colleagues? It is obvious that you would be looking for a teeth whitening solution. If you live in or around Glasgow, it is likely that you would also be looking for a teeth whitening Glasgow programme.

Let us say a few words about the background of this cosmetic dentistry technique.Yes, if you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wished your teeth were whiter and brighter, this post is just for you.

Professional tooth whitening is one of the most effective ways to get back your dazzling white smile and it also has the advantage of being simple, predictable and cost effective.

best teeth whiteningsIt is important to start with the caveat that teeth whitening is legal and safe when it is carried out by a dentist or under direct supervision of a dentist in a dental clinic. It is, however, totally illegal and unsafe, when carried out by a beautician, at a shopping mall, or wedding ceremony.

Using the wrong product can cause irreparable damage to to your teeth including discolouration and erosion. Hence, it is always better to consult a dentist if you are seriously thinking of tooth whitening.

Firstly let’s consider why our teeth become discoloured and how we can get back the original white teeth we had in our younger days.

Although our teeth seem solid like stone, they are, as a matter of fact, permeable. This means that colours from food, drink and medicines can actually penetrate the enamel and remain there long after that cup of tea or drink has been finished.

It is also a matter of great fortune, on the other hand, that the same permeability enables the dental whitening gels to penetrate the teeth and bleach out these tenacious stains.

Let us now discuss the science behind tooth-whitening products being used by cosmetic dentists these days.

There is only one product that can safely be used to whiten teeth. It is none other than hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide in the right concentration and formula is safe and extremely effective for teeth whitening.

One shortcoming of hydrogen peroxide is that it rapidly breaks down within an hour and becomes totally ineffective. Hence, dental companies nowadays produce whitening gels containing a simple organic chemical called carbamide peroxide, which contains both hydrogen peroxide and urea.

Once placed in your mouth, this gradually breaks down into hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide is fairly effective because it provides active hydrogen peroxide for at least 8 hours.

The British Dental Bleaching Society recommends using 10% Carbamide peroxide (which gives a sustained release of 3% hydrogen peroxide) as the most effective product for teeth whitening. And you would be rather surprised to know that two decades of continuous research have confirmed that this results in the most optimum tooth whitening, strangely, giving better results than using stronger concentrations.

Let us now answer a few queries that teeth whitening clients often ask their cosmetic dentists when they go to visit them.

What can teeth whitening Glasgow do?

Teeth whitening in Glasgow, offers a simple yet effective way of quickly lightening the shade or colour of your teeth. It also does not necessitate any removal of tooth surface. These methods, however, can only lighten the existing shade of teeth and does not change the colour of your teeth entirely.

What does a teeth whitening procedure usually involve?

The dentist will use a special whitening product contained in a tray that fits over the teeth, almost like a gum or mouth guard. The teeth whitening formula is then heated up, so that the whitening ingredients are activated.
Very often, a special light is used instead of heat. The ingredients in the formula that whiten the teeth are usually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. The process is then repeated until you get the desired shade.

How long does a teeth whitening procedure take?

With the teeth whitening Glasgow method, only two or three visits will be required. During your first visit, your dentist will take a mould impression of the teeth in order to create the custom whitening tray. When the first whitening treatment is done with, you will need to continue the above treatment at home. This involves applying the whitening formula for an hour during the next four weeks. Some products can, however, deliver the desired result within a week if the stains are not rigid enough.

Why do my teeth need to be whitened?

Just as everyone has his or her own feelings and opinions, our teeth colour, like everything else, varies from person to person. Very few people have a naturally brilliant white smile. Teeth tend to become more yellow with age and can become stained by foodstuffs such as coffee and tea. Excessive build-up of tartar can also change the teeth colour, as it gives the teeth a darker yellow shade. All of these types of discolouration are common, so teeth whitening may be the only option for you. It may also be necessary for those who have stains inside their teeth or those who have been affected by antibiotic staining.

How happy am I going to be with the results?

The original shade of the teeth will definitely have a bearing on the final results of the tooth whitening treatment. And the effects of the treatments usually last for two or three years. You should also note that the initial period after treatment can give rise to tooth sensitivity. Given just a short amount of time afterwards though, this wears off.

What about home whitening kits?

Home whitening kits that one can purchase over the counter have proved to be much less effective than professional whitening. They only contain small amounts of the peroxide bleaching agents and you will not get a long lasting result.

Some products are even corrosive and may contain acidic substances. Therefore, while they might be cheaper, they can harm your teeth and gums. It is widely suggested that whitening treatment should be done professionally by a professionally qualified dentist after a thorough assessment and evaluation of your teeth.

Will teeth whitening not work at any point?

Whitening might not achieve the desired shade of white that you were looking for. Besides, it only works on natural teeth and totally ineffective on any type of false tooth fittings including dentures, veneers or crowns. These fittings can only be whitened if they are professionally cleaned or, in some cases, they have to be replaced entirely.

Can I use a teeth whitening toothpaste?

There is a number of whitening toothpaste available on the market. However, they do not affect the natural colour of the tooth. This is why teeth whitening in Glasgow done by experienced dentists is so highly valued. Instead, they help to remove stains on the tooth surface. Once the teeth have been whitened professionally, you may use whitening toothpastes in order to maintain their improved appearance.

Are there any side-effects in professional tooth whitening?

The only side-effect a few patients complain of is temporary sensitivity. Whitening gel manufacturers are constantly researching to improve the quality of their products by adding desensitizers. If you do suffer from or heightened sensitivity, we would recommend using the very effective desensitizers which are now available. Besides, you won’t have to worry about it at all since you are doing all this under professional guidance. It is also important to remember that this sensitivity is temporary.
To conclude, as we have mentioned earlier, if you are a resident of Glasgow city or if you live in the peripheral suburbs, you must be looking for teeth whitening Glasgow. And this city provides the best teeth whitening treatments available in the UK. So, your days of embarrassments will actually vanish, as you can walk into a Teeth whitening Glasgow clinic and get out with a dazzling bright smile after a few visits. Isn’t it going to make a world of difference to your beauty and self-confidence? Get going!