Teeth Whitening Southampton

teeth whitening SouthamptonTeeth Whitening has become a very popular option these days. For one thing, people who have lost their dazzling smile often feel embarrassed to smile in front of their office staff or friends. They lose their confidence and however good-looking you may be, a face without a beautiful smile is bound to cut a sorry figure wherever he or she goes. If you are living in the UK, and looking for teeth whitening Southampton, you have come to the right spot. For, in this post, we are here to discuss about teeth whitening in Southampton. If you want to learn more, here are the common questions asked by people who are looking for a teeth whitening job.

1) What is tooth whitening? Can you tell me more about it?

A. Many people in the Southampton area have had their teeth whitened and a huge number of people are thinking of doing the same. The wish for a younger and brighter smile with whiter teeth is indeed quite easy to achieve these days. Tooth whitening Southampton will surely help you to attain lighter and brighter teeth that have been discoloured over time. Teeth darkened naturally because of aging, as well as tobacco and the consumption of coloured food, can be easily lightened with the help of the teeth whitening process we are talking about.
There are quite a few ways of whitening your teeth. There are take-home kits and in-office teeth whitening systems that can be performed in an hour. The most effective and safest method of tooth whitening is under the supervision of a dentist.

Q. What causes tooth discoloration?

A. None of us can be free from tooth discoloration because of some common habits we share. Some staining substances like soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea, red wines, berries, tomato sauce, and smoking can do a lot of damage. Our teeth can also turn yellowish as a natural result of aging and long-term use of certain medications.

Q. Is teeth whitening safe? Does it have any long-term side-effects?

A. Several studies during the past few years have proven without doubt that teeth whitening is quite safe and effective. The American Dental Association has already approved some tooth whitening products. However, a few patients may experience slight gum irritation or tooth sensitivity, which will obviously go away once the treatment is completed.

Q. How does it work?

A. The active ingredient in most of the whitening agents is carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. When water comes into contact with this white crystal, hydrogen peroxide is released and works to lighten the teeth. Successful whitening depends also on the quality of the quality bleaching agents.

Q. What’s involved and how the entire process is done?

A. First, the Southampton dentist will determine whether you are a candidate for tooth whitening and what type of bleaching system would give you the best results. If you’re in a hurry for getting whiter teeth, you may decide to have your teeth lightened immediately, by using an in-office whitening system to achieve that result.

best teeth whitening SouthamptonHowever, most patients prefer at-home bleaching system under the supervision of a professional dentist, which is not only economical but also provide better results. The dentist that will do the teeth whitening in Southampton will take impressions of your teeth to make a custom-made whitening appliance for you. The whitening appliance acts like a mouth-guard that protects your gums from any damage. It is lightweight and fairly comfortable to wear while awake or sleeping.

Some dentists recommend a teeth whitening session that ranges from two to three hours a day. Generally this type of system requires three to six weeks to complete, and works well on patients who have sensitive teeth. Other systems recommend whitening at night while you go to sleep. This type of system usually requires less than a week to complete.

Q. How long does it last?

A. Lightness will depend on your personal habits such as smoking and drinking coffee and tea, but can last for many years. Some people will choose to get a touch up if they notice a change in color.

Q. Is teeth whitening Southampton a popular procedure?

A. Dentists have reportedly claimed that 95% of their patients have a strong dislike for the color of their teeth. Thanks to years of research and advancement of technology, dentists have arrived at the conclusion that supervised whitening is safe, simple and effective. This is why, it has now created a huge demand among dental patients.

Q. Are the whitening systems purchased over-the-counter effective?

A. If toothpaste with a whitening agent in it works well to brighten your teeth, the over-the-counter whitening systems are also bound to work well. Stronger whitening agents are regulated and given to a patient by a dentist. Also, whitening agents purchased in a drugstore might not be strong enough to bring about the desired results.

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