Teeth Whitening Wakefield

How bright and attractive is your smile? Coffee, tea, wine, coloured food and smoking can leave dull and ugly stains on your teeth, which can diminish the beauty of our smile. Yes, you no longer have to settle for discolored and yellowish teeth. Our teeth whitening Wakefield dentists offer a range of teeth whitening solutions that can not only increase the longevity of your teeth but also restore the beauty and lustre of your smile.

Teeth Whitening WakefieldIf you wish to go for take-home whitening, our experts in teeth whitening in Wakefield will design and fabricate mouth trays that fit your teeth precisely. This custom fit helps reduce direct contact between the whitening solution and your soft gums, which results in a safe and healthy dental procedure. A prescription level whitening solution is included to wipe out stains very safely and effectively.

If you use the whitening solution with the mouth trays as per directions of the dentists, you will definitely enjoy a whiter and brighter smile, faster than you thought it was possible. If you avoid coloured substances and maintain good dental hygiene, there is no doubt that you will get back your dazzling white smile.

Wakefield Teeth Whitening

When time is short and you are simply itching to have your dazzling smile back right now, our in-office Wakefield teeth whitening can dramatically whiten your teeth within an hour. A professional cleaning procedure may be recommended by our in-house dentists to help the whitening gel penetrate deeper and more evenly.

The powerful whitening gel is applied by the dentists directly to the teeth after your gums and soft tissues have been taken care of. A special light will now be used to activate the gel. This light is used in 15-minute increments, for several times, during which period the gel is allowed to penetrate deep inside the enamel of the teeth. After the treatment, our teeth whitening Wakefield dentist may also recommend a fluoride treatment to strengthen and protect your teeth from post-procedure sensitivity.

Your newly brightened smile can be maintained with good dental hygiene habits, routine dental checkups and touch-up treatments as suggested by the Wakefield dentists. If you are ready for a beautiful, glowing and healthy, smile, our experts in teeth whitening Wakefield are just waiting to help. We offer a variety of teeth whitening solutions to take care of every need and lifestyle. Just call us to learn more about this Wakefield teeth whitening treatment or schedule an appointment with our in-house dentists.